Ricardo Mercado

The Latin Geek

Web Designer, Developer & Trainer

Projects Portfolio

  • DNS Requests Redirect
  • Cafes Lab Auto Configuration
  • Secure Web Server
  • Import and Run County Financial
    Information and Generate Report

Technology Used:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
  • LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)


LAMP Server, Cal Poly Redirect Server hosted by University Marketing


  • MySql
  • PHP 7
  • Apache
  • SSH
  • SSL
  • GIT

UFW Firewall

  • Port 80 (http)
  • Port 443 (https)
  • Port 9245 (ssh)


The University Marketing will be managing all redirects for the University in order to minimize 404 errors (page not found) and redirecting users to most likely areas in the University and providing the users a page with a list of options.

In addition, the University Marketing will be assisting Colleges and Departments with broken/abandon Domains/Pages by redirecting request to their new location with a 301 (Moved Permanently) HTTP status.

Usage Sample:

  • Go to the Cal Poly Website (https://calpoly.edu)
  • Click on search and type Cow Milking
  • Open a new tab and type https://go.calpoly.edu

Performed the same search, compare the results. We integrated the services within the search to send visitors to the right places.


Technology Used:

  • Windows Active Directory
  • 3Com Boot Services
  • DHCP Services
  • WOL (Wake On Lan)
  • Auto Printer Mapping
  • Auto network Sharing Mapping
  • Norton Ghost
  • Custom Programing.



Developed a process using the Technologies mentioned above where each Lab containing 20 – 40 Windows PC to automatically update the Lab’s PC with the latest Windows Update, Latest Suite of Software, Attached Network Printers and Network Shared and Automatically Join the PC to Cafes Windows Active Directory. The Process runs for about 1.5 hrs before finishing.



  • Create the Ghost Images with the Software, Network Printers, and Network Shares used by the specific Lab.
  • Using 3Com Boot Services, boot all PC in the Lab (20-35) using wake on LAN (WOL) technology, DHCP Services to get an IP, and starting the Ghost Services to load the Window Image.
  • After the images have been uploaded successfully to each PC, start the Windows Update services to update the PC in the Lab.
  • Join Windows Active Directory and mapping Printers and network Shares. Run the permissions script to secure each Lab PC.

Technology Used:

  • Ubuntu Linux 16 thru 20
  • LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Firewall
  • SSH Services
  • VMWare to host the server.


Developed and Configured a secured webserver to be used for the Marketing Department in Cal Poly.


  • Install the Ubuntu Server in the University VMWare and perform the basic LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP).
  • Performed the Server Security to fully secure the website. Close unneeded services, close unneeded ports, open only the SSH, HTTPS, and HTTP Services and ports.
  • Install an SSL Certificate and make sure is fully secure disabling old secure protocol and only allowing secure protocols to go through. Test the SSL on the following URL:
  • Test all services and ports to make sure everything is working before installing the CMS (WordPress or Drupal).

Technology Used:

Office 2016 Suite, MS Excel VBA, and Text File from Mainframe



Developed MS Excel Macros to automatically import Financial Information Text File and run a report using Excel Formulas, Formatting, and Grouping features.



  • Get the Import File from the Financial Institution and place it in the location as the Excel Macro File.
  • Open the Excel Macro File and run the Import Macro to import and format the Data Automatically.
  • Click on the Macro Button to run the specific report.
  • Click on the Save to Disk or Print PDF as needed.